About InfiniLooP - Our History, Vision & Mission

  • InfiniLooP (IL8P) and its community are dedicated to sustainability through the creation of a blockchain-based ecosystem for reusing and recycling of resources. This mission and vision are a logical extension of InfiniLooP’s origins – A coin created by re-purposing many different coin projects that were no longer viable at the time of IL8P's creation (read below)
  • InfiniLooP was introduced as the formal, long-term, sustainable continuation of several defunct cryptocurrency projects. Beginning with a year-long, open swap period, InfiniLooP provided users of the corresponding communities (see below for the list of projects) with an opportunity to seamlessly transition into a modern, highly innovative staking cryptocurrency platform
  • InfiniLooP is a transparent, open-source network, in operation since January 12, 2021. It was created as a direct continuation of several recognizable but no longer viable projects (e.g., GAME-UTXO, LINX-UTXO, WORX-UTXO) and over time expanded to a much larger number of projects (e.g., AVO, SON, XVT) as a value-preserving resource.
  • For the initial 10,000 blocks, InfiniLooP featured a time-limited hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) / Proof-of-Stake (PoS) epoch. It has now been fully transitioned to pure PoS block generation methodology.
  • The maximum supply of IL8P is not fixed, with approximately 375,000 coins made each year (e.g., about 1,025 per day). The initial PoW epoch resulted in approximately 30 million swap-ready coins. Significant proportion of these coins was claimed during the year-long IL8P swap period. The remaining unclaimed coins (3,100,434) were verifiably burned using the OP_RETURN Wallet.
  • There is no hard cap on how many IL8Ps are in existence. However, given the relative scarcity of new InfiniLooP generation (e.g., inflation <1.5% per year) it will take nearly a decade to get back to the pre-burn number of coins!
  • Since its inception, InfiniLooP is a member of the EWMCI Crypto Ecosystem – A global cryptocurrency platform that focuses on development, infrastructure, and use cases for participating core projects ( more info at )
  • InfiniLooP is also included in EWMCI Bronze , Stock-to-Flow Stars (due to its new supply scarcity), and EWX-18 indices